About Us

Who we are?

Dada Al Anber is a small family-owned and local food business, established in Marrakech city. Rooted from authenticity, traditions and the love of food. We are a dynamic team with extensive experience in everything gastronomy. From catering services, hospitality, and passing on knowledge. For a few years now, we’ve been present at the weekly “Oasiria Market”, our booth, which you cannot miss, promises a multitude of delights and goodies. Don’t believe us? Come on in..and check us out!!

The story behind our founder

In 2000, Yousra Benazzouz immigrated from Morocco to Canada, where she quickly discovered her passion for sharing the rich flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Her culinary skills, showcased through a variety of delicacies, captivated her friends, who then encouraged her to extend her authentic culinary delights to a broader audience.

Embracing this tradition, Yousra launched a home-based catering business in 2002, featuring authentic Moroccan dishes crafted from recipes passed down through generations. Alongside nurturing her two children, her culinary creations continued to be the centerpiece of parties, community events, and family gatherings, demonstrating her ability to balance her passion for cooking with her family life.


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